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How to Manage a Product’s Availability All The Time Without a Second Thought of Its Possible Low Stock. Smart Shelf Solution Review

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Published by jetbi
12 July 2023

What is the Smart Shelf?

Have you ever experienced a situation when your office frequently ran out of essential products? This all-too-common scenario impacts productivity and leads to growing frustration among your staff. The reason is an office manager can't effectively manage and predict the consumption of vital supplies. Without a clear understanding of when to replenish items, valuable time is wasted, and work processes are disrupted. However, the  Smart Shelf offers a promising solution to overcome these challenges, providing real-time insights and AI-generated forecasts, and transforming how to manage products and assets in the office environment.

The JET BI Smart Shelf solution is designed to enhance inventory management and procurement processes for both businesses and households. By integrating this innovative device with its user-friendly app, users can access real-time insights into product performance and leverage advanced AI technology to predict future consumption trends. Setting up the Smart Shelf is straightforward - simply place your everyday items on it. The system will promptly notify you when supplies run low or specific product weights are reached. Additionally, you can analyze detailed reports on consumption patterns and even forecast your future spending. This automated and efficient solution ensures that you always have the right products at the right time, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.



Usage of Smart Shelf Solution

Meet Jane, an office manager who is responsible for ensuring the happiness and well-equipped nature of the office, particularly when it comes to the availability of cappuccinos. One of her crucial tasks is to maintain a constant supply of milk so that the office never runs out. To tackle this challenge, Jane decided to implement a Smart Shelf in the office kitchen two months ago. This smart shelf has a maximum capacity of 5 liters of milk. As the office indulges in cappuccinos, Jane receives timely notifications when the milk level reaches the halfway mark and when it is about to run out. These notifications allow her to stay prepared and procure a new load of milk promptly, ensuring that the office is always well-stocked and never left without this essential ingredient for delicious cappuccinos.



Smart Shelf App

Jane is a diligent and dedicated office manager who takes great pride in ensuring that all essential items are readily available throughout the office. To achieve this, she has strategically placed several smart shelves in various locations, tracking the consumption of office supplies such as paper, tape, cookies, oranges, and more. When Jane opens the accompanying app, she is greeted with a main screen displaying all her shelves connected to the Smart Shelf Centre. 


Instantly, she can access vital data on the quantities of products that have been used and identify which items are approaching low levels. This real-time information enables Jane to take prompt action and restock as needed.


Procurement Process Management

Not only does the Smart Shelf solution simplify inventory management for Jane, but it also streamlines the procurement process. Thanks to alert notifications, both the accounting department and the chief office managers are promptly notified when a product reaches an alarmingly low level. This ensures that everyone involved is aware of the impending shortage and can take appropriate measures to restock promptly. Additionally, the app keeps a record of all the notifications sent by the Smart Shelf solution, allowing Jane to easily review and reference them. This feature eliminates the need for excessive approvals and simplifies the procurement workflow, making Jane's life much easier and more efficient.



Inventory Management

With the Smart Shelf solution, Jane can create new lists of notifications effortlessly within a matter of minutes. This capability ensures that all relevant parties are promptly informed about vital product consumption and AI-generated forecasts. Jane can customize the notifications according to specific thresholds or criteria, ensuring that the right people receive timely updates when certain products are running low or have a specific weight limit. This feature empowers Jane to stay ahead of inventory management, enabling proactive measures to be taken and ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed and prepared for any supply needs.


Jane's experience with the Smart Shelf solution is transformative. With the ability to track and manage multiple products effortlessly, she has gained valuable insights into vital consumption patterns and future forecasts. By receiving timely notifications and alerts, Jane can proactively address any potential shortages, ensuring a smooth workflow and eliminating the frustration of running out of essential items in the office. Beyond the office setting, the Smart Shelf solution proves equally beneficial for households, providing a user-friendly way to monitor and manage everyday products. From groceries to household supplies, the Smart Shelf empowers individuals to optimize their inventory, minimize waste, and ensure they always have what they need at the right time. The Smart Shelf revolutionizes product management, making it efficient, convenient, and stress-free for both office and household environments.


Sum Up

If you are interested in the Smart Shelf solution and experiencing its benefits firsthand contact us. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with further information, answer any questions, and assist you in implementing this innovative solution in your office or household. Dive into more details of the Smart Shelf solution. Take the first step towards efficient and streamlined product management by contacting us or delving deeper into the Smart Shelf solution today.


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