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How to make your office smart?

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25 February 2019

Many people are tired of working in an unproductive working environment. With the development of IoT (The Internet of Things) “smart office” is now real.

Why IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hot topics in the media today. The internet is used to make the interaction between things by transferring data over a network without requiring a human. Around 1.9 billion devices have already been connected together and the number is constantly growing.

A smart wristband which is up as soon as you are, connects with a coffee maker to prepare a coffee... That is all that pops up when you think of the IoT? Then keep reading.

Do you remember wandering around the office looking for an available workplace? Or someone breaking into the meeting room when you were holding a keynote demo for partners? Or searching for a co-working space for your team to kick off a new project? We bet you do.

Employees' frustration, high fixed costs, and inefficiency of traditional office is something that IoT will fight. Let’s see how to overcome the problems and to take your employees’ satisfaction to the next level.

JET BI Smart Workspace solution was created to transform your traditional office into a new environment.

JET BI Smart Workspace

Monitor your office real-time occupancy from anywhere around the world. All the data from smart sensors that are attached to the office furniture is stored in the Cloud. Smart sensors that track office facilities usage provide no less than 5 years of unattended service, which is a sustainable and long-term solution. What you need to do is just to upload your maps of office open space, meeting room or kitchen into Salesforce, add your office facilities and let the office “communicate” with the employees.

Thousands of events from sensors are processed behind the scenes in Salesforce with no need to engage resources or collect and analyze data. At the surface, you get straight answers about your office's current state.

Why is it important to digitize the workplace? When employees are a part of the environment where they have the technology to be efficient and productive, they tend to agile working cultures, become less micro-managed, but more self-motivated and productive.

Coming soon in JET BI Smart Workspace:

  • View all available office rooms and search the office facility that matches your needs today. Whether you are looking for a workplace with whiteboard and projector or a desk in a quiet location, JET BI Smart Workspace will help you resolve an issue within a few clicks. Enter the filter criteria and choose what matches your needs best.
  • Book any office facility and view its actual occupancy status. Planning your week ahead? Book your workplace and do not worry about its usage, the occupancy status is visible for all employees.
  • See how your office is effectively utilized. Office facilities utilization rates are usually below 50%, i.e. half of the workplaces are always unoccupied. Smart reporting on the actual utilization will offer a tremendous savings opportunity in maximizing the use of premises. There is no need to collect data and assign analytics for processing it. All the information you need is stored in Salesforce. 
  • Book and check the status on-the-go. Responsive UI ensures that you can access the data from any device. Whether you have a laptop or a mobile phone, you will be able to review the status without any troubles.

Do you want to digitize your workspace? Contact us to learn more about JET BI Smart Workspace solution.

Andrey Bosak
Head of Salesforce Department
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