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How to engage Real Estate customers and shorten the sales cycle?

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31 August 2020


The COVID-19 situation casts doubts on whether it is possible to buy a house these days. Our lives have been upended. People are turning their focus to health and safety as well as are more likely to stay at home. Real Estate Companies have to obtain complete information on the changing preferences of their customers to prepare the offer best suiting their buyers’ needs. This context requires new technologically driven approaches, data processing, and automation. It will help greater creativity to unleash. 

Let us consider a Real Estate buyer’s position in the new environment. They are less likely to have a multiple bid situation as there are not so many house seekers. This factor increases the motivation to buy a property as they can negotiate better terms. Plus the mortgage rates are low, so, it is wise to seize the opportunity. But still, deals are taking longer than average, or negotiations are falling through. JET BI offers the chance to revolutionize Real Estate sales by placing the customers’ preferences at the core of the strategy and complete a deal in a fraction of the time. While buyers get the experience of the property you’re selling in the virtual reality, the company can collect the data that is encrypted and protected and prepare a more personalized offer in real life. So, virtual actions contribute to real-life improvements. 


Why do your real estate buyers have to put on a VR helmet? 



  1. To assess a property quicker. With VR, it is easier to shortlist the locations that best suit buyers’ needs according to their major requirements and preferences.
  2. To save time and efforts. There is no need to travel to the location to get the experience of the place. The customers do not have to communicate with a real estate agent to have a general view of the site. A buyer can experience all the areas of the property on his own. As the COVID-19 precaution measures make people cancel an event with more than a few participants, immersive technologies provide a safe way to explore the place.
  3. To understand better locations. Virtual reality is the only remote tool allowing to immerse into the environment of the property, to assess the interior as well as the exterior of the place. It means that families with children can understand how Real Estate offers suit their needs in organizing free time and entertainment. And if a property isn’t constructed yet, buyers do not have to imagine the architecture based on three-dimensional models. In this case, they have to put on a Head-Mounted Display and start a VR tour. 
  4. To interact with the property. A customer can experiment with the decor and style of the place. It is much easier to move a sofa in virtual reality than in real life. 

Why do Real Estate companies have to invest in immersive technologies with CRM integration?


  1. To meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. When Real Estate companies allow exploring the property remotely, they take care of their customers’ well being.
  2. To have a list of customers’ preferences and needs. When buyers are interacting with the virtual environment, they generate the data that have to be processed. As a result, custom offers are available. Based on session summaries, a real estate agent can prepare for the next meeting with a client to answer his query and suit his needs.
  1. To increase sales managers’ efficiency. VR improves the interactions of your sales team and customers. Data analysis is executed to prepare solutions meeting your buyers’ needs. So, a real estate manager is more concentrated on the prospect’s preferences rather than on an average customer profile. To add more, as the processes are automated, it allows real estate agents to concentrate on more critical tasks.
  2. To adjust the sales strategy accordingly. VR allows collecting unbiased information that is used in marketing campaigns, sales strategies etc. 


JET BI provides VR solutions that assist in choosing a dream property. Customers enjoy the whole process and do not have to leave the current place of living. We deliver immersive solutions with the focus on VR users’ interests and preferences. It helps Real Estate companies to stay attuned to their customers’ needs and bring more personalized experiences.


How JET BI VR CRM Real Estate solution assists property buyers:

  1. Easy status check. Customers experience immersive 3D tours and get a clear look at what’s being offered even if the building is under construction.
  2. Interaction with the virtual environment. House buyers are encouraged to make changes to the digital environment, especially the interior. They can choose a different piece of furniture, another decor object from the option list available to them and add them to their three-dimensional property. This is how VR users style a location according to their preferences. All these data are stored and streamlined to a Real Estate company CRM for further analytics. Even if a house buyer does not want to change anything in the virtual scene, still a lot of valuable information is available such as VR users’ actions, movements, decisions made.
  3. Saving time. House buyers choosing virtual reality solutions do not have to travel from one property to another. The only thing they need to do is to put on a Head-Mounted Display and enjoy immersive tours. Many people still do not have their own VR headsets at home. In this case, a real estate company invites buyers into their office to conduct an individual virtual tour. In the nearest future, the penetration of virtual reality technology will increase. Giants like Apple and Facebook spend a lot of investments in R&D to make VR helmets more affordable. So, it is not that far off when the majority of people will be able to take VR property tours without leaving their homes literally at any time. It means there is no need to schedule visits to properties as all of them are open around the clock. 
  4. Engaging experience. When a home buyer immerses fully into a virtual house tour, he is emotionally connected. There is no need to be in a hurry when you’re in the digital environment. A VR user can spend as much time as needed and focus his attention on details. This process establishes a sense of personal connection and ownership. Real estate companies enhance customer journey maps with interactive add-ons such as descriptions of neighborhoods. The house buyer will have all the information he needs before contacting sales managers. 
  5. Increased customer coverage. Virtual reality technologies assist in expanding the global reach. So some remote areas become available to take a tour with the possibility to buy.


Why choose JET BI for developing a VR solution for three-dimensional tour round property?

JET BI has a track record of executed projects in Real Estate where immersive technologies benefits are united with a high degree of personalization. It leads to a significant number of happy buyers who have purchased the properties demonstrated in VR. We have a team of experts in both CRM and VR. Our experts are SAP and Salesforce certified. Our products are available at AppExchange. We guarantee fast delivery as our project management processes are mature. 

JET BI is a reliable partner for the digital transformation of your company. Our VR CRM Real Estate solutions help to develop a strategy based on unbiased data received from the customers. Correctly configured analytic tools provide the possibility to create a more personalized customer experience and journey. Get rid of average data with our solution. What matters is objective, targeted information.



The current situation is that most buyers are searching the internet for the property that fits their needs. Even though if they get maximum digital exposure and visibility, they still do not get the immersive experience of living in a place. VR solutions reveal the property atmosphere and allow much of the transaction to be reliant on technology. Real estate agents can use their expertise to provide tips on how to analyze the customers’ needs, how to prepare for the next contact with a prospect etc. As the practice shows, buyers are usually impressed with virtual demonstrations and are more willing to communicate further on emerging opportunities. And when sales agents have access to customers’ subconsciousness behavioral patterns, more personalized experiences, and offer will appear. JET BI assists in understanding customers and achieving KPIs with immersive technologies. We’re focused to integrate the solution within the tightest deadline and custom development of any complexity in-house.


JET BI handles the COVID-19 challenges and delivers the VR solutions promoting remote access and safeguarding public health. 

Are you interested in growing your business even in the pandemic times? Feel free to contact us! Let’s shift to a new level of Customer Journey Map together. 


Anna Metsik
Virtual Reality Consultant
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