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How to distinguish a quality site from a bad one and why it is important to use Salesforce CRM

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Published by JET BI
25 August 2023


62.5% of the world's population uses the Internet - the number of users in 2023 increased by 192 million (4%) and amounts to 4.95 billion people(resource Accordingly, competition among site owners is also growing. To make the resource competitive and get poor results, you need to use all the principles of forming web resources.


What affects the quality of the site: the main criteria

Creating a website is a complex and time-consuming process, which only an experienced specialist can do well. The best criterion for evaluating a quality website is conversion. Simply put, this is the proportion between users who switched to the resource and those who performed the target action (order products, fill out a form, send contact information, etc.). Thus, the target action of the user directly affects the conversion. It is important to take this into account when preparing the site structure.

How to distinguish a quality site from a bad one: tips and basic mistakes

Conversion depends on user satisfaction: whether they find it convenient to search for information on the page, whether they like the design, whether your offer can attract them. This list can be continued for a long time.

But it is better to highlight the main criteria that form the quality standard of the site.

  • Web design. Make sure that the site is not overloaded with unnecessary details, photos, videos and text create a single concept, and graphic highlighting focuses on the main elements of the page.
  • Content. Structured, animated content is half the battle. The text on the pages should be useful for the reader, easy to read and fulfill the task - to tell, attract attention, sell. Separate semantic blocks of content with headings and paragraphs, use bulleted lists, subparagraphs.
  • Usability. Convenient navigation, clickable numbers, the ability to view the resource from the phone affect the opinion of visitors and their desire to get to know the company better. You also need Call to action and buttons with which a customer can easily place an order or get detailed advice.

website usability

  • SEO optimization. The way search engines perceive the site affects the position in the search results, and hence the number of people who will see your resource after entering a search query. The main parameters are uniqueness, semantic core and the presence of meta tags. . This data will allow you to better rank the site in the output and display pages for relevant queries in search engines.

These are the “four whales” that form a quality site, affecting the popularity, traffic of the resource and its position in the search results. During development, at the initial stage, the structure of the pages is formed, after which the content is created and the site itself is created.

We also want to add an equally important item as processing and managing Sales Leads by the team. One of the best solutions to date is a bunch of WordPress and Salesforce. After filling in their data or placing an order, customers enter the CRM system, where they go through the entire chain of sales and upsells during negotiations.

One of the most important processes in any business is order processing by Sales team in CRM

Our customers use Salesforce to manage clients. Salesforce is a platform that helps you control the deal process and make upsells from start to finish.Below are the main features that Salesforce offers for any type of business.

1. Simple systematization of tasks. Salesforce allows you to automatically prioritize the work of managers: generate commercial offers, send them by e-mail at the right time or at a specified frequency. This compensates for the insufficiently systematic work of sellers.

2. "Capture and pursuit" without the participation of the seller. This mechanism alone significantly increases the efficiency of the sales team and saves time. It works like this: all user actions are analyzed, and the system segments them, depending on the behavior or requests.


In conclusion, a valuable cycle of website improvement, user experience, SEO, content quality, and smart CRM use comes together to create a coherent story of increased engagement and sustainable growth. In addition to a quantifiable increase in sales of 25%, leveraging innovations in web development and customer focus that propel companies towards successful online business

Contact the professionals in your field to get the best result. At JET BI, we specialize in creating such websites and Salesforce implementations for our clients.

Sergey Apalkov
Web-Design Department Head
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