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How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Affecting Parking

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06 June 2020

Parking management is an integral part of public services ensuring road safety and access to goods and services. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is becoming even more important because of people’s propensity to prefer personal cars over public transportation in order to keep the social distance. Municipalities look for ways to reduce congestion, improve air quality and maintain road safety while drivers aim to reduce time of searching for a parking lot. 

Parking Cloud can help tackle all these issues. Powered by IoT sensors, Parking Cloud is a cloud-based platform that ensures intelligent usage of parking space. 

First of all, some municipalities relaxed parking enforcement to help people over the coming weeks. Parking Cloud allows discovering information about these changes including working hours, price, limitations on parking time, penalties.

Parking management

Parking management

The lockdown contributed to self-isolation so people prefer parking vehicles near their homes. The excessive amount of cars block driveways for waste collection trucks and emergency vehicles. Parking Cloud provides information about nearby free parkings so that drivers can park safely and those who work in health services or deliver vital community support can access more easily people’s homes. Besides distance, a driver can select other filters such as price, parking time, and rating.

Parking management

Parking management

In addition, it is possible to report a parking issue via Parking Cloud. The maintenance of the free flow of traffic on primary routes is essential, especially nowadays. If someone’s vehicle blocks the highway, a driver can report obstructive and dangerous parking by leaving a review.

Parking management

Parking management

By the same token, people tend to spend less time in public places and go less frequently for shopping. Parking Cloud app can help keep social distancing and avoid queues. For instance, it allows viewing in real-time occupied parking lots near supermarkets, so drivers can get an idea of the number of people doing shopping.

Finally, COVID-19 leads to an increase in air quality all around the world. The implementation of lockdown measures has resulted in factories and roads shutting, thus reducing emissions. Parking Cloud can contribute even more to reduce air pollution and enhance the environmental situation. By using this app, a driver do not have to drive extra miles to find a free parking lot. Parking Cloud can navigate drivers to take a shortcut to the desired parking lot, therefore it saves time and fuel and decreases nitrogen dioxide coming principally from motor vehicle exhaust.

However, when the confinement period ends and people come back to their offices, Parking Cloud app will also come in handy. Employees will get back into their cars and drive to work, Parking Cloud will let them find quickly a parking lot near the office, show a shortcut to it and navigate them. Moreover, they can pay for parking online, check the paid time and prolongate it if needed.

Want to learn more? Contact us to get access to the free demo of the Parking Cloud solution.

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