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How to build a mobile app in 10 easy steps?

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07 February 2019

Once you’ve come up with an idea to develop a mobile application, there might be a question: “What should I start from?" We prepared a guide on how to develop a mobile application for your business. Let’s get started.

A well-developed mobile app will help your business not only increase revenue but get customers` loyalty and enhance your mobile marketing strategy. We prepared a guide on how to develop a mobile application for your business. Let’s get started.

1. Identify the idea

Identify the idea

Before starting a project identify the idea of an app, think who will be your customers, what’s the goal of your future app. A key to success is to find a problem in your daily life and to find a solution. Personal problems motivate a person to find a better decision in comparison to somebody`s else problems.

2. Layout functionality and features

Identified the goal of an app? Go on writing functionality and features. Write down everything you want to include in it. Analyze what you’ve written and try to remove non-core features. You will have an opportunity to add them in the next versions.

3. Make research

Make a research

Before running the development of your own mobile app, make a research on the market. Look for the best mobile applications in the industry. Identify, which features seem attractive to you and which do not. Analysis of competitors will give you an understanding of the industry and inspire you with new ideas for the app.

4. User experience (UX)

An average user spends 5 hours per day on mobile. If you want your app to be successful, consider UX to be not just a minor aspect of the design. Make your app both with a good design and functionality, so that people enjoy using it.

5. Create a wireframe

Make a simplified visual concept of the future app – a wireframe. Creating a wireframe will give you a clear understanding of how your app will look and work like. Moreover, with the help of visual concepts, you may reduce the overall cost of the project as the changes may be done at the earlier stage when it is cheaper to do.

6. User interface (UI) design

User interface (UI) design

At this stage, you convert your wireframe to UI designs. Remember that best UI design needs to be simple and functional so that users got impressive with visual effects and want to download it.

7. Choose a development way

You have several paths to choose from while developing your app. The first one is to use the mobile app building platform. You will be free from writing code as all you need to do is to choose from already developed plugins. The other way of developing an app is to code your app from scratch. You may use native app development or mobile app framework, depending on your opportunities and needs.

8. Develop an app

With all the basics being created, you may start to develop an app. Transform UI into a real application with the basic functionality. While working on the development of the application be sure your app is secured from the unauthorized usage.

9. Test your app

In-between testing is required at all development stages. It will prevent critical bugs and provide UX as intuitive as it can be. Once, the app is ready you should perform both internal and external testing. Internal testing made by yourself and your team will check bugs to ensure that everything works as you planned, while external testing is to identify any user experience issues and unintuitive steps.

10. Make a release

Finally, you’ve reached a final step in developing a mobile application. Don’t wait till the application will be perfect. Release it as soon as tested the app. Keep in mind, while in Google Play an app will be published without special reviews and approve, it may take up to a week to publish your application in App Store.

Now, when you know what to start from, try to make the best of your app and put efforts on getting customers.

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