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How Beauty Industry Giants succeed in the Orchestration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tools

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13 March 2020

In this article, we would like to talk about how Marketing Cloud helps beauty industry giants (both manufactures and retailers) delight their consumers in very unexpected ways.

Let’s begin with manufacturer L’Oréal that has 28 Beauty brands with over 4,000 products. Following L’Oréal’s mission to deliver “beauty for all’, the company leverages state of the art technology as Salesforce Journey Builder to identify how and where the customers engage with their Beauty brands – on social media, offline or online, mobile, on their way to work and at work.

What is more, L’Oréal uses Social Studio as the company’s eyes and ears to identify new beauty industry trends that are revealed on a daily basis, and track how customers think about their beauty brands. With these powerful Marketing Cloud tools, L’Oréal’s digital marketing managers always keep an eye on continuing conversations and emerging trends to maintain its status as one of the most prosperous companies in the industry.

Next, let’s look at how one of the biggest beauty industry retailers Sephora achieves multiple goals with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Sephora is striving to drive seamless experiences and to 'wow' the customers on behalf of its world famous partners' beauty brands. Marketing Cloud helps Sephora's digital marketing managers to get an omnichannel view of the customers and to align the online and offline experience. The retail company's daily arsenal includes such tools as Email Studio, Journey Builder and Transactional Messaging API (for transactional email sends, like order confirmation). 

Furthermore, by leveraging Advertising Studio this leader in prestige omni-retail is pursuing two goals: to reach its ideal customers via channels like Facebook and Google and to ensure it is optimising its return on advertising spending.

Sephora already had various software programs in use to execute its work processes, however, in the future demands in software tools can change. That’s why the choice was made in favor of Salesforce Marketing Cloud as an easy to integrate marketing software, with the ability to plug in different solutions from the AppExchange. Also with the help of Salesforce’s experts Sephora has made these integrations work seamlessly, and have benefitted from their hands-on support in getting the architecture right.

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