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Fast way to integrate SAP and Salesforce with JITTERBIT

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Published by jetbi
25 May 2021

Jitterbit is an integration platform that allows you to integrate any business processes quickly. In this article, we consider the creating process of connecting operations between SAP and Salesforce in a few steps. For this demonstration, we will use the desktop application named Jitterbit studio. 

Here is an example where it needs to upsert Prices in Salesforce from SAP data. Our operation will contain two steps: Extract Prices from SAP and Upsert prices in Salesforce

1. For the first operation we start by configuring SAP Endpoint.

1.1 In Jitterbit studio you can easily use one of the preconfigured connectors. In our case, we choose SAP connector and create a new SAP Endpoint, just enter credentials from your instance and check the connection with the “Test Connection” button.

Configure SAP Endpoint:


1.2 On the next step we add a new SAP Function. To configure the function there is a need to choose Endpoint, select function type, start typing function name, and choose needed from the list of available functions.

1.3 After the new Sap Function added, create Operation from this function, configure necessary transformations, and select the target function.


This operation will call SAP PRICE_EXTRACT function and will add data to the temporary storage.

2. Upsert Price Book Entries operation

2.1 Start by clicking on the “Jitterbit Connect” button and select Salesforce Org. In the next window, we need to enter credentials from the Salesforce organization and Test connection.

2.2 Right after adding a new Salesforce org to the connector, create a new Upsert operation by clicking on the “Jitterbit Connect” button and selecting “Salesforce Upsert”. Follow the instructions, choose the organization, required object, External ID field.


As a parameter “where your data comes from” choose temporary storage and select the source that was created from the target of our previous operation.

2.3 And the last step of upsert Operation is configuring Mapping.


The mapping page also allows you to configure each field value with Formula Builder if it’s needed.
The second operation is configured.

3. There are only a few steps to finish.

3.1 Return to our Price Extract operation and select Salesforce Upsert operation on success.


3.2 Create a schedule to execute your operations. 

That’s all. Created operations will execute Prices from SAP and upsert records in Salesforce, each time when the schedule is running on.

We created Jitterbit integration operations in less than 15 minutes, without any specific knowledge. With big perspectives to future upgrades of these integrations.

Jitterbit gets the highest marks in comparison of integration services based on The Gartner Critical Capabilities report and provides a broad array of critical capabilities to help implement integration projects. A bunch of preconfigured connectors to popular applications and databases helps you to create integrations in a few clicks. Easily extend your applications to create leading solutions. Big Partner community provides tons of materials: about 75% of projects go live in under 30 days.


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