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Embrace innovation with VR and Salesforce integration

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08 November 2020


JET BI launches the solution designed to elevate real estate sales and marketing to a new level. Immersive Salesforce solution allows exploring a house in virtual reality, understanding customer journey data points, and making data-driven decisions. The process of selling a property becomes a piece of cake with the help of immersive technologies and Salesforce integration as the real estate developer has the opportunity to provide a personalized, self-service experience and have an insight into the customer journey. 

Immersive Salesforce solution is a chance for real estate developers and agents to sell differently and embrace innovation and growth.


Real estate sales and marketing problems 

Residential real estate, commercial real estate, and real estate development have to face uncertainty and complex situations regularly. To stay competitive, companies have to be flexible and understand complex concepts. The key to success lies in a clear idea of who the clients are, what they want. Whenever the client needs assistance, real estate representatives need to be there to provide them with detailed information. 

At the same time, to reach a decision on the crucial step of their life, real estate buyers have to visualize the property and explore every detail, assisting them to be confident in the chosen option.

As buying a property is a sensitive and stressful process, the solution that brings positive emotions and makes enjoy the whole purchasing procedure wins.


Immersive Salesforce solution allows us to adopt high-quality customer service management and provide a self-service, immersive experience. Let us follow the whole process unlocking the secrets of how to understand real estate customers better, sell the property, and grow the business.

Immersive Salesforce solution is an advanced virtual reality demonstration and customer relationship management platform that makes it easy to explore a property, collect all the data, and prepare personalized customer experiences. Perfect for Residential real estate, commercial real estate, and real estate development or for anyone who wants to understand customers’ insights and sell better than rivals. We are transforming to a new normal where a customer-oriented approach is at the heart of every business, so we assist in making your customer happy.


What can I do in the Immersive Salesforce solution?

  1. Boost customers’ confidence in the purchase with the help of a VR demonstration. An immersive experience is a new fun process for buying a property that makes your customer be emotionally connected with the premise you sell.


  1. Face the COVID-19 challenges smartly with the solution as you boost remote sales efficiency, and equip your customers with the self-service tool. They can explore the property and experiment with the decor and style. 


  1. Have an insight into your customers’ cognitive and behavioral patterns. Our data collection algorithm allows you to analyze different behavioral data during VR sessions, such as levels of concentration, attention, preferable locations. 


  1. Leverage Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform to a new level! 


  1. Increase your sales, marketing, commerce, and service teams’ effectiveness. Provide a tool allowing you to sell more and grow your business! Learn more 



Real estate faces a lot of challenges set by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation, and economic uncertainty. Those companies that embrace a new technologically advanced approach and set a customer at the heart of their business become market leaders. Do not allow your competitors to be ahead of you. Drive your business forward, fueled by innovation and growth! Contact us, click on the form, or leave your phone number and let us call you back!


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Anna Metsik
Virtual Reality Consultant

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