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Dreamforce 2023: Exploring the latest innovations in Marketing Cloud and beyond

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Published by JET BI
18 September 2023

Dreamforce Overview: 

Dreamforce generally draws an international crowd consisting of corporate executives, visionaries, and tech aficionados. It's well-known for its keynote speeches, interactive gatherings, educational workshops, and chances to engage with the Salesforce community, partners, Trailblazers and clientele. The occasion delivers a valuable educational opportunity and offers insight into forthcoming customer-focused business tactics. Let's dive into innovations!

Main Dreamforce 2023 news: 

Data Cloud becomes integrated within Einstein 1 Platform

Salesforce unveiled its reimagined Einstein 1 Data Cloud and introduced modern features for the Einstein generative AI assistant in CRM during the Dreamforce conference on September 12th in San Francisco. 

Salesforce will integrate its Einstein 1 Data Cloud metadata framework directly into the Einstein 1 Platform. 

Einstein 1 consolidates data into a single customer record that can be utilized across the entire spectrum of Salesforce's offerings, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud. 

By uniting various Salesforce cloud products under the Einstein 1 umbrella, companies can unlock the potential of the data they have already gathered 

AI and Einstein Copilot

Salesforce is embracing the AI assistant trend with Einstein Copilot, a natural language chatbot integrated into every Salesforce application. Einstein Copilot is designed to assist sales, service, or commerce professionals in composing emails, preparing for meetings, handling customer calls, or utilizing relevant Tableau dashboards. It leverages the organization's customer data stored in the Salesforce cloud to provide this support. 

How Marketing Cloud can benefit from this 

Creating emails

A company can create a prompt assignment, including a sample text and the key points it wants to include, and it generates an email. It doesn't just rely on scores provided by the company, but also includes individual data collected from various sources.

Creating highly personalized content at scale used to be a labor-intensive and costly process. Einstein Copilot redefines the boundaries of personalization within minutes!


Creation of photo-content

When it comes to photos, it gets even more interesting: you need to create a technical brief, like taking this picture with boots, placing them on a rock, and adding a waterfall and a sunrise in the background. That’s all!

And you get several excellent photos, from which you choose the ones you like the most. Wow! 

Creating segments with Einstein 

The process aligns with the approach used for crafting an email or capturing a photo: you merely articulate in words what you wish to obtain. It's as straightforward as that.

Einstein takes that and automatically translates it into the relevant segment attributes. With the Einstein Translator, your data remains safe and secure. And just like that, the segment is generated, with the marketing team always in the loop. Now you can review and refine it as needed.

Then this segment can be used in the Journey Builder. 

Einstein Trust Layer

The Einstein Trust Layer guarantees that customer data is never utilized for training large language models. It safeguards against toxicity, conceals personally identifiable information, and establishes a trackable record of Einstein Copilot's actions regarding data


What Salesforce is achieving represents a new frontier in the tech world, where Industry insights, Digital transformation, and Salesforce implementation intersect. Indeed, it's amazing and impressive! 

Salesforce enables individuals with disabilities to engage in gainful employment and achieve financial stability. Just think about it—blind individuals can be programmers, administrators, all thanks to voice assistants! It's truly remarkable! 

And if you're excited about these new possibilities in technology and Salesforce solutions for your business, don't hesitate to contact JET BI! Our developers, administrators, consultants, and testers are here to assist in implementing all these innovative business solutions!

Irena Chistyakova
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer
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