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Dreamforce 2017: Tips for productive attendance

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16 August 2017

Dreamforce is justly named the #1 technology event of the year. Exciting acquaintances, whirl of keynotes and sessions, impressive demonstrations and speeches. Sometimes it is quite difficult not to get lost in this massive amount of information. Are you going to visit Dreamforce this year? To take the maximum out of your participation you have to think carefully all the details of the trip. We hope that our tips will help you make the participation as easy and successful as possible.


It is also worth to think through your staying in advance. Before setting forward get familiar with the surroundings and with location of the booked accommodation.

Since you are going to spend several days in San Francisco, the idea to map some cafes near your apartment or partner locations you are going to visit may be of use as well. 


To avoid time pressure and rushing up schedule your staying and set up meetings with clients and partners well in advance. Do not forget to define the time and the place and to mark all the meetings in your calendar.

It is just impossible not to make new connections and contacts while Dreamforce. Therefore, plan your time taking into account 1-2 unscheduled meetings during the day.

Pack wise

Get your walking shoes, the change of clothes, and extra chargers for smartphone battery and your tablet. Based on own experience, we highly recommend to grab additional business cards. Information on them lightens follow-up communication after Dreamforce and frees you from the difficulty to remember a bunch of new contact names.

Get social

Dreamforce is a great news hook, so it is time to post, tweet, and share on your social media accounts. There are many ways to get involved. Find active Dreamforce participants or persons you want to meet during the event and connect with them. You can also get in contact with members of Salesforce groups and communities to discuss the upcoming conference. When posting something in social media try to use relevant hash tags (e.g. #DF17)  and mention people and organizations contributing to the topic you write about.

No idea for a post? Write about sessions you are going to attend or about things that motivate you to come to San Francisco.

And finally…

Do not try to make everything within your first day in San Francisco. Stay relaxed, but focused. Enjoy the overwhelming atmosphere and dive into the world of innovation and new experience. As Kathryn Bowen, Marketing Manager, Employee Engagement at Salesforce noticed: “Dreamforce is a marathon, not a sprint!”

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