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Doing good with Bid4Good is easier than we think

About Us
Published by jetbi
20 January 2022

JET BI has created the product for making other lives easier and has two purposes. The first of them is an understanding that donating is a simple process, and the other goal is finding a second life for things. In the Bid4Good app, they act as lots. In the world of overconsumption, we have to be conscious and give our staff a second chance. 

With Bid4Good you help people in difficult situations, that sometimes need a big amount of money by buying some lots, or you can create any lot and sell it. Also with this product, we can help animals, for example. Last year JET BI has held an auction to help a koala bear from Australia. With employees' help JET BI became a guardian for a year for koala Jimmie.

We have come up with a product where you can easily do good with help of an auction placing lots, and/or placing bids on the lot you like. The app helps to do good easily and get great emotions from getting cool stuff. Lots could be everything you want: from the pie to nice headphones.

On the site, everything has been made for customers’ convenience. The auction process includes creating a Story, lots, and bidding for these lots. You can log in through your Google account and the Story page will open - relevant goals for collecting money. In the Story creating process, we can specify the title, description, start, and end of the auction, insert a picture and be sure to make the field active for further lot creation.

After providing a Story, lots should be created. When you start to upload your lots, you must specify the name, description, start and end of the auction, minimum and initial bids, or fixed price, you can also add a photo, location and select an active Story from the picklist. There is also a choice of creating a secret lot and a picklist choice for “show my username”.
In the list of lots, you can see active lots, end date, final bid, status, and history of last bids. You can buy back the lot immediately or raise the bid on the desired product. To view all the lots that have been published and purchased by you, you can see the “My Profile” tab, where all the details are.

Thus, everyone can take part in the creation of Stories, lots, and auctions, so that making good things is pleasant and simple. We all strive to make a contribution to this world and with the Bid4Good product, it has become much easier. Also, there is a very excellent application that you can install, track new lots and do charity systematically. Write to us for detailed information and a demo!


Ekaterina Levchuk
Project Manager

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