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ConversayIT. Improve your service with a better understanding of customer needs

About Us
Published by jetbi
11 November 2022

ConversayIT is a Lightning Salesforce application that is used for creating unique conversation scripts with many scenario variants which you can create easily with a comfortable script instrument.

The main idea of ConversayIT is to prepare a scenario for your own business needs using a simple creation tool. For example, you are a sales manager and want to create multiple conversion options with your clients. Also, you can easily create a report and analyze your conversations. It will help you better understand the best conversation techniques and will help you increase your sales and number of clients.

The main tabs in this application are Script Management, Scripts, and Conversations. In Script Management there is a list of scripts, date of creation, version type, activeness, and also the button to create a new script. In the Scripts tab, you can see all active scripts and can start your conversations. And in the Conversation tab, there are all the conversations that were made and you can easily go to the conversation to see all details about it, for example, name, time duration, completed questions, status, etc.

So to create your own script you need to do these 4 steps:

1. Press the button “New Script” on the Script Management tab

2. Create your scenario with questions and answers using an easy tool, as an example:



3. Upload an image on the scenario



4. And press “Start Conversation” on your scenario



And that's all you need to increase sales, your level of customer support and providing the best service. You can combine your best practices into sales or support scripts, categorize them, assign scores to the best outcomes, share only with those who need access, report and analyze call history.

What improvements will Conversayit bring:

  • Close deals with clients faster and provide better service using your best practice;
  • Reduce most common conversation mistakes;
  • Better understand customer needs and faster react to them;
  • Report and analyze calls history;
  • Easily track customer answers;
  • Faster learning of new employees; 
  • Faster help to find key techniques of sales;
  • Easy to change scenarios for all employees;
  • Painless to track when most of the deals are not committed;
  • A/B testing of scripts is fast because of easy tool experience and reports.

You do not need special knowledge to use the ConversayIT tool, the app ideally understands the needs of conversations with customers, their specific and it becomes easier to understand your customers' needs. Contact us for more information and request the demo today!

Ekateryna Levchuk
Project Manager
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