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Comprehensive Guide to Facilitating Dynamic Brainstorming Sessions

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Published by JET BI
05 April 2024

This article is inspired by "Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques"


The book "Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques" presents tips that would help to boost creativity and tells how to generate ideas. An author introduces engaging activities and exercises aimed at disrupting thought patterns encouraging a perspective and fostering creative thinking beyond traditional boundaries.

These procedures include divergent thinking exercising, such as brainstorming methods, mind mapping etc. With the use of exciting stories and real-life examples, Michalko, acts as a master during the whole process of applying these techniques to problem-solving, ideas generation, and he or she can approach challenges with creativity and ingenuity.

As "Thinkertoys" has already achieved wide cultural recognition, both individuals and teams can use them as tools for training to acquire skills of creativity causing innovation in professional and personal spheres.

Some practical tips inspired by this book to transform your brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming provides the opportunity for creativity and stimulation of fresh ideas and novel solutions. Here are some practical tips inspired by this book to transform your brainstorming sessions into more competent and efficient ones.

Get Set for Success

First things first, set the scene for a successful brainstorming session. Find a comfortable and inspiring space where everyone can relax and focus. Make sure there are no distractions around, and encourage everyone to come with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Let Your Ideas Flow

During brainstorming there are no bad ideas. Urge people to express as many thoughts as they can, even if these are wild and odd. Let nothing hold them back. This unrestricted method of exploring multiple possibilities and uncovering hidden gems becomes the chief driving force.

Don't Hold Back

While brainstorming, let your imagination lose! Suggest everybody to dream up without any limitations and out of the box. Most of the time the most unusual ideas result in the best innovations, so do not panic in case you decide to be a little crazy.

Build on Each Other's Ideas 

Brainstorming is a collective responsibility. You should push the audience to connect what they already know with other suggestions. Through teamwork, you can come up with possible answers that you cannot get by yourself.

Try Different Techniques 

Change the way you do brainstorming by using different brainstorming methods that will work for you. Whether it is mind-mapping, creating a role play or just straightforward brainstorm, mixing techniques, can boost creativity and provide with fresh views on the issue.

Embrace Constraints

In reality, limitations could as well be a boon to any person. Don't consider obstacles to be a dead end, rather, think of them as opportunities to exercise your creativity. The fact that you work around the limits in the way that you might not have initially done makes you come up with more creative ways to resolve the problems.

Take Breaks and Recharge

Creativity is generated better when your mind is relaxed and ready. Allot a specific time for welcome breaks during brainstorm sessions in order to let everyone regain their energy level. If choosing just a short walk around the block or just a few minutes of meditation time, you are taking breaks that might be enough to keep your creative mind working.

Capture Your Ideas

Lastly, note the important points so you could come back to them anytime you need. Whether you write them down with whiteboard marker or type them into a shared file, the method of tracking your thoughts will ensure that everything is not lost in the process.


With "Thinkertoys: you can benefit from the best practices to brainstorm more effectively. Rest assured, if you guys are ready to contribute your creativity, there won't be any boundaries to set. So get out there, let loose and let your imaginations be unleashed, and discover what the brainstorming will take you.

Ready to spark innovation in your business? Let's unleash creativity together! Contact us now to kickstart your brainstorming session and bring your ideas to life.

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