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Choosing the right website type for a successful start: Landing page or Corporate website?

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Published by JET BI
28 August 2023


First of all, you need to understand who needs websites. The short answer is everyone. If you have a business, then you need a website, online presence. If you are selling goods or services online, then you need a website. But people are looking for you using search engines, then you need a website. Below, we have prepared key differences between Landing pages and Corporate websites.

Corporate website: goals and purposes

A corporate website is a multi-page resource that contains detailed information about the company, services, and products. The image and trust of customers are formed by: a blog, teasers, information about the company, reviews, completed projects, etc. The site contains functionality for marketing activities, mobile responsiveness, branding, SEO optimization, target audience user engagement and. Let's deep dive into the details

  • Multiregionality. For organizations with branches, multiregional will be useful. So you can post relevant information for a particular region. For example, current promotions or prices for services. 
  • Variable design. In a couple of seconds, you can change site elements: the appearance of icons, the location of advertisement units, the design of the footer and page header, etc. Also, through Metrica Webvisor, you can track user actions on pages and customize the appearance to increase conversion.
  • Connections. Linking is available on corporate websites, which is an efficient possibility of sales increasing. Simple example: You offer products and services that are backed by expert articles or case studies that prove their value and effectiveness. After reading an article about the benefits of a product or service, you need to convert potential customers into actual buyers. At the end of each expert article, we include options for popular models of the product or service, accompanied by enticing discounts. This strategic placement increases the likelihood of the client purchasing with us.
  • Content sections. Showing the professionalism of an organization with a corporate website is easy. In the "Company" section, tell about the employees and their successes. Add completed projects to show expertise and satisfied clients. And also publish expert articles on the blog - share your experience, advice, and company news. There is no such possibility on the landing page.
  • Landing pages. The corporate site allows you to create separate landing pages to focus on the content. This functionality is useful for holding promotions, gathering participants for webinars, conferences, etc.

Landing page: goals and purposes

Landing is a one-page site that encourages visitors to take a specific action: buy a product, service, leave contacts, sign up for courses or other events. A landing page allows users to focus on a specific offer. They create landing pages for one purpose and a limited period.

Let's single out 3 advantages of landings

  • Minimum costs. Landing pages are a great way for start-up companies to make themselves known online. In addition, such pages do not require large investments.
  • Fast implementation speed. A corporate website is 3 or more pages, and a landing page is just one. Therefore, a one-page site is much easier to launch. This process requires a minimum amount of time and labor resources.
  • High conversion. Landing pages are created for a specific purpose. When implemented correctly, they will effectively collect leads. If the client does not purchase anything, likely, he will at least leave contacts for consultation. So you can work with him further.

Conclusion: What is the most fitting option?

If you want to have a minimal existence on the Internet and the development of the site is not a priority for you, a Landing page is suitable for your business goals and lead generation. And if you want to focus on developing your business on the Internet, then you need a corporate website.

Our team is ready to develop and offer you a great solution based on your needs using modern technologies! Contact JETBI now and let's get on the road to online success together!

Sergey Apalkov
Web-Design Department Head
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