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BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

About Us
Published by admin
14 December 2018

The Problem

The most common goals of a human being are to live a stable, peaceful and secure life. But not everyone has these. Landing a hand is within every person possibilities, but not everyone knows actually how to do this or from what to start. So, we provide the solution.

The Solution

BID4GOOD solution is what you need. B4G is a tool implemented on Salesforce® platform for organizing auctions for non-profit goals. The main idea of the application is to involve employees in charity, to build brand awareness and to give a chance to help people, animals and the environment. Enterprise, small business, schools, non-profit organizations or anyone who is interested in making the world a better place can use the application.

How does it work

The first step is to find a person that needs help and create his story in the application. Now it’s up to your employees: they can create lots and make bids in the application of the organization or community. Lots may be basically anything, for instance, hugs, pictures, books, handmade sweets and so on. After the online auction, the goods are exchanged for money, all gathered funds are collected and transferred to the person in need.

Visualforce solution

We provide two solutions based on your preferences and budget. Firstly, we provide a simplified solution based on Visualforce that can be used and adjusted to your preferences almost right away. Here is an example:

Home page

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

We established a visual part of the product to improve user experience and the ability to operate through stories.


BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

We want to make people aware of the project’s purpose and hope that you join us in the journey to make the world a better place.

View lots

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

We improved product functionality to make it easier to navigate, monitor and review history on all created lots and bids.

List of adjustments:

  • You can monitor current gathered funds;
  • Navigate and sort across all available lots;
  • Review lots statuses, which keep your expectations up to date.

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

We also improved the ability to customize the lots:

  1. Min bid is a step for all bid following initial;
  2. Initial bid is a minimum requirement to start bids on your lot;
  3. You can set your username visible/invisible to users based on preferences.

My profile

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

“My profile” is done in order to help to operate through the bids and lots and make your profile unique.

You can change your profile logo, name, see your contribution. Switch on “Email notification”- this feature will notify you when your bid is outbid by someone.

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

Check bids on your lots and their status, create lots right from this page.

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

Additionally, there is a possibility to look through the bids statistics.

Lightning bolt community template

Do you want to integrate the solution into your Salesforce, adjust design and page content and do it fast? Lightning bolt community is what you need. Here is the example:

BID4GOOD: a new level of corporate charity

What do we plan next?

We are constantly striving to improve our solution to satisfy customers’ needs. Currently, we are working on both solutions to make them better.


We improved the design and add new functionality. Now we are planning to demonstrate adjusted version. Wait for the upcoming auction.

Lightning bolt community

Currently we started our work on Lightning bolt solution, we will keep you up to date with our future releases.

Paypal integration

We consider the comfort of our customers and planning integration with PayPal services, so watch out upcoming releases.

Salesforce® solution platform for organizing auctions for non-profit goals will engage employees in landing a hand to those, who are in need and at the same time build brand awareness for the company.

It is so easy to keep doing good things. Schedule BID4GOOD demo today!

Diana Lebedeva
Bid4Good Project Manager

We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

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2 QA engineers


1 Consultant


Steps following request submission



After receiving your request, we analyze it and we offer free online meeting slots (via email) so that we can discuss your needs in as much detail as possible


We begin gathering all necessary requirements to create comprehensive estimates, including timelines, resource allocations, risk assessments, and underlying assumptions.


Once all preparations are in place, we will initiate the project and move forward with the planned tasks