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Audit Application Release V0.1. by JET BI

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Published by jetbi
30 August 2023

Currently, it is not possible to get all the important information about the Salesforce organization with one click. It requires opening many pages and executing a large number of commands, which takes a lot of time. At JET BI we find a solution - the Audit tool - a product designed to simplify the audit process of Salesforce organizations.

The Audit app is used to monitor Salesforce organizations and obtain information about the amount of metadata, organization settings, memory used, etc. During the audit, the user launches an application that is fed a script with a set of commands that must be executed in the browser. As a result, the application displays the result in a JSON file, which then converts the data and saves it to a doc file.

To start the audit process, you need to create an audit template (by the name of the audit type) and its items (commands that should be performed in the browser during the audit). Each audit template item record contains information about a single action in the browser, it can be a mouse click, text input, or getting text from any block of the page.



Records from the same template must be numbered in order using the Order Number field so that all actions in the browser are performed in the correct sequence.

During the use of the audit template, the browser executes automatic commands to retrieve data from the pages. For example, he can open the Developer Console and execute SOQL queries.

For the automatic audit process of the SF organization, authorization credits are submitted to the application, which must be pre-encrypted and placed in a special configuration file. This ensures reliable data security.

The audit result is returned in a new JSON file, which is then submitted to the Salesforce organization and, in case of successful parsing, Audit Items records are created. After that, the user can get the result in the form of a doc file and save it.



The generated doc file should look in the following format



Thus, the user can determine for himself which data from the SF organization he wants to receive. To do this, you need to know which URL in the browser it needs to go to and which commands to execute. These commands can be saved in script, and then used in any browser automatically, without the need for manual actions. The same script can be used repeatedly for similar SF organizations for a quick audit.

So, the tool Audit helps to solve a number of potential problems that may arise when determining all the characteristics of an organization, as well as reduce the time to obtain all the necessary information for users, and as you know, time is money.

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Evgeniy Klukach
Project Manager / Certified Salesforce Consultant, Administrator

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