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12 January 2021

Competitive intelligence is a magic wand for marketers, product owners, and strategists that are constantly seeking for growth. Why is using competitive intelligence tools so important? There is a lot of competition out there almost in every industry nowadays, the target audience is overwhelmed with sales pitches and ads. For the business side market and target audience research is very time consuming, expensive, and sometimes not effective, so that specialists have to choose the tools right. 

Let’s concentrate on market research. Understanding the position of business’ services and products on the market leads to effective marketing strategy, prevents businesses from spending budget on inefficient research, increases customer loyalty, helps to always be in the flow, and upgrades business proposals.

Advantage is one of the competitive intelligence tools. It’s a Salesforce-based solution for marketing managers, sales managers, and product owners. The app helps to understand the particular market, position of your product on this market, and understand the weaknesses and strengths of your products or services. 

Recently we had some updates, which will help businesses be able to track competitors’ marketing information such as keywords, organic search results, ad budget, and much more. Also now it’s easier to load information for battle cards to compare products or companies. We made Advantage more custom so that it can help any business.


Advantage Wizard

Sure, a modern human needs everything faster, so we created an Advantage Wizard. Before Wizard it was very problematic to load information with competitive products and accounts, but now it’s very easy to manage it. The process of creating records became easier. You just load information, choose attributes for them, and run the segmentation. And that's it. Could it be easier?



Manual Segmentation

The manual segmentation feature gives you the possibility of creating your own segmentation. All you need to do is create segments and segmentation settings and then choose the manual record type. There you will have the ability to drag and drop products or accounts to particular segments. It’s done for providing a demo real quick. 




Core Segment Attribute

This is our special feature which is developed for Opportunities. You can set Market and Segmentation settings for a particular Opportunity and have all the relevant competitors for certain products or companies.


Integration with SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the market for competitive research. We integrated SpyFu into Salesforce via API, so that now all marketing information for Products or Companies is shown on Battle Cards. Information that is transferred to Salesforce is updated once a month, so it is easy to get fresh information about competitors and their products.


Ultimately, when a business knows its competitors and understands the values of its products - it can improve the experience of its customers. Knowing your product has a huge impact on engagement with customers in a much distinct way and builds strong relationships. 

Darya Tugarina
Project Manager
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