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08 July 2019

We are happy to announce that Advantage Competitive Intelligence Suite for Salesforce is getting new even more powerfull features. Our development team is working hard on improving existing functions to help business owners, sales and marketing teams work efficiently in today's competitive world. Today we are going to introduce you our External Segmentation functionality powered by Heroku to allow users real-time market segmentation.

Why do we need external segmentation?

To raise processing speed.

Time is precious, so wasting of our user’s time waiting all the batches are run is inexcusable for us. That is why using a connection with Heroku Cloud Application Platform was our main priority among all of the improvements from the Advantage backlog.
If you are already acquainted with Advantage app you know that before building an informative battle-cards the system distributes all items to segments with the help of the scoring engine. This process usually holds much data and starts the complex calculation, which both become the reason for the considerable time lasting of this process. But when you run the segmentation process externally (on Heroku), processing speed becomes much quicker. Finally!

Mind Salesforce limits

That is not a surprise for Salesforce geeks that Salesforce limits are indefeasible laws of the system. The total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries or Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers - all these numbers should be in concrete range and can't be exceeded. This fact sometimes becomes a crucial impediment for proper application operation. Segmentation on Heroku provides an opportunity to manage large bulk of data, much more than Salesforce allows to process internally in the system. Win-win situation!

New external services development

External segmentation was the first step in developing further external services connection, such as Gartner and etc. Stay tuned to know more!

To conclude: external segmentation functionality assures more comfortable and smooth usage of Advantage. Don’t miss a chance to run a test drive of Advantage on our AppExchange page.

JET BI team always cares of its customers' comfort and efficiency. Advantage struggles to bring value for every company which chooses it while implementing marketing and competitors management strategy. Contact us today to discuss YOUR use-case and the way Advantage can increase your sales productivity, improve your market placement and product strategy.

Liferova Mariya
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