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7 reasons Why you should attend Dreamforce 2022

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Published by jetbi
20 September 2022

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a big community of like-minded people united by common goals, and values, passionate about learning new things, making friends, sharing experiences and simply having fun? We bet you have. That is what Dreamforce is about! We get that it may not be physically that easy to attend the event but it may be as hard to have enough spare time and motivation to watch it online. Here are 7 reasons why you should become a part of the biggest Salesforce event of the year.

  1. To get motivated. Having hard times working on the platform and feeling like giving up? Listen to success stories, see with your own eyes that the platform gives enormous tools to succeed, learn best practices and apply them in your professional life. And maybe you’ll be chosen as one of the speakers of Dreamforce 2023, who knows? :)
  1. To enlarge your knowledge. The core value of Dreamforce is constant learning. Hands-on workshops, learning labs, base camp, and partner-led webinars will allow you to discover best practices and dive into different areas of expertise.
  1. To monitor new trends. Professional growth demands being fully aware of new features, functionality, and plans that Salesforce has for the future. Be ahead of the time and boost your professional development by learning new things and implementing them into your work.
  1. To learn public speaking skills. The enormous amount of seminars will help you to make notes of how to communicate information in the most effective way and how to make people listen to you.
  1. To get inspired. Dreamforce isn’t just another tech conference. Sure, there’ll be a lot of words said about various branches of Salesforce. But along with that, you’ll see how other useful knowledge like crisis management can make your experience as a Salesforce user as positive as possible.
  1. To feel the vibe. Dreamforce is about cooperation. If you are sick and tired of sitting at your desk doing your work it’s time for you to understand how useful what you are doing is. All that you see every day is lines of code, tickets, meetings, routine so to say. Listen to how the products released changed the lives of lots of people and were extremely beneficial for the business. Feel the atmosphere of support and understand how valuable your work is.
  1. To have fun. Enough with learning! If you picture Dreamforce as lots of seminars in a row you are absolutely wrong. Trailblazers do not only study and work. Attend Admin Karaoke and Developer Game Night and see for yourself.

We are sure we’ve stated enough arguments for you to register for Dreamforce 2022 right now. Click on the link to review the program and register (the guide on how to do this can be seen below)



How to register for Dreamforce 2022?

  • Click on Salesforce+;



  • Click Register for free;df22-2



  • Use your Trailblazer account to complete the registration;


  • Click Start watching;



  • By clicking on Schedule you’ll find the list of all the seminars you are able to attend;



  • Click on the one you’d like to watch and add it to your Calendar





We personally recommend you to attend Overflow: Dreamforce Main Keynote with Co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor as main speakers, the rest is up to the field you are interested in. But trust us, there’s definitely something that is worth spending time on.

 Now fasten your belts and enjoy your learning ride! Cheers!

Darya Zorina
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