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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Salesforce Consulting Partner

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28 February 2017

Once you`ve implemented Salesforce, opting for a specific Salesforce Consulting Partner can seem like a huge challenge.

Here are some tips that I would recommend when selecting a service provider.

1    Make an Investigation Before You Buy

Be a clued customer. First of all, you try to read and watch as much as possible:  free demo videos on both the and websites, thematic forums, and blogs, white papers.  It will definitely improve your understanding of Salesforce possibilities and you will get a sense of what’s possible.  Technology literacy is a must today that has to be up-to-date regularly.

Before you start working with a certain consultant, you should ensure the process transparency: issue tracking, daily reporting of spent hours and weekly status calls with demo results are a telling sign of efficient and mature business processes.

2    Prepare a list of specific services required

Once you've started looking for a Salesforce Consulting Partner,

you should have a clear view of problems they are going to deal with. It is a very important moment, because a small company may be experienced in a niche industry specifics giant providers not even get heed to.

Just an example. Testing and User Experience are very significant part of each development and implementation process. Thuswise you have to be sure that the chosen partner has a dedicated QA and UX team of professionals rather than one person in charge of all the issues.

3    Define a pool of 2-3 finalists to choose from

There are different ways to find out a certified experienced partner.  The first thing you have to do is to look through the Salesforce Partner Community. You will get familiar with a big number of companies delivering Salesforce development and backup services and you will get a general overview of their variety.

To find more accurate information about provider location, their review and product description, including industry-specific solutions you should use App Exchange.  

One tip more. Do not forget about different ratings and featured online platforms like They identify leading service and software providers in various focus areas, publish ratings and top lists based on relevant indexes that may be critical just for your business,

Use your network to find a recommended partner. Social networks like LinkedIn give an excellent opportunity to find a necessary contact. You can track down organizations of similar size and needs your company has, make connections with people for these organizations and exchange experience, ask questions and get support on issues you are interested in.

By doing so you easily get a multitude of information about potential consultants, their products and projects are at your fingertips.

4    Specify budget

If you don’t have a budget, you do not have even a chance to find a consultant, you are looking for a pro-bono workforce. You should understand the importance of a high-qualified consultant that would meet deadlines, solve your company's specific pain points and lead your business to success. You cannot put at stake your business prosperity.  Additionally, agree on budget ranges with your potential consultants as soon as possible and make sure you are in the same leagues.

5    Project Management Methodologies

Understand the project management methodology of your future consultant is all about work convenience, cooperation efficiency and clearing away all obstacles to work getting done in time.

During the negotiation stage ask your potential partner to provide you with their support policies and procedures. A documented procedure for handling customer problems as well as a dedicated account manager are indicators of accurate and mature project management.


I suppose my final and the most valuable bit of advice can be stated as following: ‘Despite the overwhelming choice of Salesforce Consulting providers, find a partner you are planning to trust’. Collaboration and trust-based relations are the most efficient factors that move the process forward.

Don’t lose the sense of your company’s ambitions and constraints and you’ll be on your way to find THE one!


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