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5 motivating CRM advantages

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01 June 2017

To find a new customer is often even easier than to keep the old one. What if the customer journey is ambiguous? What if the negligent manager did not talk to the customer, ignored all the wishes and did not record any feedback? The situation when customers cease to be customers, or, at least, not your customers, is familiar to many businesses. Sometimes it is quite difficult to remember what you had for breakfast: oatmeal or toast. So, what with all the names, addresses, numbers and other ream of data that affect the productivity of your work and the success of your business on a daily basis? The answer is CRM - Customer relationship management. Today any halfway successful business cannot do without this tool.

After brooding over the opportunities that CRM provides to our business, we decided to share these thoughts with you.

New customer - new approach

You can record all information on current and potential customers. The basic categories for dividing customers by the "depth" of interaction allow a quick optimization of your sales strategy. It means you can achieve set goals faster. You must admit, the work approach to clients from the ‘Lead’ category differs from the working style with a ‘Lost’ or ‘Current’ client.

Extensive customization options enable grouping contacts by location, gender, age, activity sphere, and so on.

Customer loyalty is our everything

You can track all interactions with the client (starting from the sales manager and ending with the director). If you understand the interaction history with the client at different levels, you can build your communication strategy with appropriately. It is nice to receive a birthday greeting from a store where you bought a USB stick a year ago. Isn’t it? ‘Three years with us, we offer you a special price’. You really feel pleased and enjoy the attention. Customer loyalty became one of the most important conditions to win the competitive struggle.

Stop being afraid of changes in the sales department

All information is collected in one place. Is this place an Excel sheet? The scenario is not new. The clients’ database can get lost after changes in Sales team. And, in fact ... Just think. What is the probability that the sales manager recorded all the actions in this Excel diligently and regularly? What is the chance of finding in this sheet the latest information on all deals? Oh, indeed. Why do you see this file for the first time? Why do you have no clue what the client ‘X ‘looks like? The client that brought 30% of the overall revenue to the company for the last six months. That is a lot to think about.

Be always in touch

Cloud CRM systems like Salesforce enable data storage in the ‘cloud’, so you always have the latest information, wherever you are. When on a business trip, you cannot remember the interaction status with an important client. The decision should be made within 1-2 hours.  In this case, the cloud CRM becomes your salvation: all necessary information about the client will be available in a matter of seconds.

Be always in touch

Comprehensive activity analysis boosts efficiency

Mailings, advertising in social networks, internet or display advertising... Probably, never before there were so many channels for selling goods or promoting services. But whatever budgets are spent on advertising, all this can be useless, if you do not analyze the effectiveness of each channel. CRM Integration with third services allows you not only easy collection of all the numbers in one place but also helps to analyze the data and to make the right decision for further actions.

And finally...

You are thinking about CRM implementation, but the final decision hasn't been made yet? Just keep in mind results of one of the recent studies. According to the survey, more than 68% of customers leave the company only because they feel not enough attention from the business side. Appreciate your customers, exceed their expectations, always be in touch. Build a successful business making the most of your CRM.

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