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5 Best Healthcare Apps. JET BI expert's review

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Published by jetbi
24 August 2021

Modern technology, automation, and robotization have dramatically revolutionized our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to perform tasks that previously seemed challenging or inaccessible to machines. 

One of the areas where technology has had a huge impact is the healthcare industry.  Innovations in healthcare are developing at an unprecedented speed.

Keeping pace with technology change, Salesforce, the global leader in CRM,  developed the Health Cloud, a patient relationship management solution for the healthcare and life sciences industry. 


Since its launch in 2015, the Health Cloud functionality has been significantly expanded through both out-of-the-box features and ready-to-install apps and solutions available on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

A keyword search for “healthcare” on the Salesforce AppExchange offers over 160 apps and bolt solutions with at least some connection to healthcare.

Here we take a look at the 5 most promising and already well known HealthCare apps that you can choose from on the AppExchange.


Eligibility checker

What it is: Eligibility Checker gives instant secure access to 780+ health payers from the Salesforce platform, allowing to check eligibility and benefits, obtain real-time authorizations, check referrals etc. 

Features: It confirms the following patient benefits on each date of service:

  • Demographic data: if the information on the insurance identification card is up to date and correct for that date of service;
  • Coverage: whether the patient has valid coverage on the date of service;
  • Benefit options: patient responsibility for copay and coinsurance;
  • Prior authorization requirements: confirm authorization for treatment from appropriate sources, if applicable.

Pricing: from $500 USD per company per month.


Appirio COVID-19 Testing Accelerator

What it is: Appirio's COVID-19 Testing Accelerator helps public and private organizations get back to work by offering a self-service portal where individuals and workers can take the necessary steps toward ensuring a COVID-free environment. It enables individuals to order, schedule, and review results from COVID-19 tests.


  • Provide employees, students, or other constituents with a rapidly deployable and remotely accessible means for requesting a test, completing a preliminary self-evaluation screening, scheduling a test, and receiving results;
  • Flexible Salesforce components enable quick configuration to meet your organization’s requirements, such as reporting data to regional or national agencies. As new needs surface and evolve, your team can make changes declaratively to update the solution;
  • Designed to align with Salesforce's solution set for your reopening journey. Use test results captured via Appirio’s COVID-19 Testing Accelerator to trigger Contract Tracing.

 Pricing: Free.


HealthCARE360 - Personalized Healthcare & Patient Experience Solution for Salesforce

What it is: HealthCARE360 is a personalized patient experience solution built on Salesforce platform for both patients and healthcare providers. Using the app you can manage clinics, hospitals and other healthcare centers effectively, and practice healthcare with a simplified cloud-based healthcare management software system (HIPAA compliant).


For Care Providers:

  • Intuitive Appointment Console;
  • Patient History;
  • Tele-Consulting;
  • e-Prescription;
  • Symptom Checker;
  • Home Care.

For Patients:

  • Multi-Channel Access;
  • 24x7 Self-Scheduling;
  • Medical Reports;
  • Online Payments;
  • Follow Ups.

Pricing: from $65 per user per month.


Compliatric - Compliance for Healthcare Providers

What it is: Compliatric is a cloud-based platform that enables healthcare organizations to have robust, simplified, and effective administrative, operational, and compliance-centric processes. Its 10+ integrated modules provide comprehensive regulatory (HIPAA, OIG, HRSA, etc) compliance program support, delivering organization-wide operational excellence and risk management in a single repository of evidence. Compliatric also helps to analyze workloads, trends, and composite for actionable insights. 


  • The platform works with hundreds of healthcare providers, including small, midsize, and enterprise organizations across the United States;
  • Its modules go beyond the basics with additional functionality for grant-funded non-profit healthcare provider organizations.

 Pricing: from $360 USD per company per month.


Medchat Triage Bot

What it is: Medchat's symptom checker & Triage Bot makes it easy for patients to get real-time feedback on clinical urgency and appropriate venue of care for their likely condition. Most patients start their journey by researching symptoms. Medchart helps your organization become its preferred destination when seeking care. In less than 45 seconds, patients answer questions and receive links to recommended care.


  • Accessible natively within SFHC;
  • Resulting data stored to patient record;
  • Can be deployed for consumers on your website, patient portal, and/or digital app;
  • Can be deployed for phone agents to use during inbound and outbound patient phone calls.

Pricing: from $10,000 USD per company per month.


When you are browsing AppExchange, you will find access to dozens of health applications. Salesforce and its ISV Partners are continuously innovating new apps and bolt solutions to offer the best user experience. 

Here we list just some of the best apps that are available today. You can choose any of the above or take a deep dive into the Salesforce Appexchange and find your favorite one.

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