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5 Best features of Salesforce CPQ you need to know

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Published by jetbi
18 November 2022

CPQ Salesforce helps to improve the sales process and to increase the speed and effectiveness of selling products to the customer. With product and price rules and easy creation of quotes, the sales process becomes faster and easy to do for sales reps in the company. Let’s review 5 best features of Salesforce CPQ that will help you to improve your business processes:

  1. Product rules. With product rules, you can create your own conditionals that fit your business rules about the products that you sell. For example, create a limit in your quote or add free shipping when the quote proposal will be over 150$. There are 4 types of product rules: validation rules, configuration rules, filters, and alert rules.
  2. Price rules. With price rules, you can automate price calculations and update quote line fields. For example, when you need to reduce the price of the 2nd product in the quote because when these two products are added, the discount is applied.
  3. Advanced approvals. It is working for you if you want to customize your approval rules. advanced approvals also help manage an approval process with serial and parallel approvals.
  4. Automate Contracts and Renewals. Salesforce CPQ makes the process of creating contracts and quote renewals for the team easier and faster because of the fully automated process for your business needs.
  5. Get Insights from Analytics. Salesforce CPQ offers real-time insight analytics on KPI, so you can faster identify and react to impediments to the quoting process. Also, the AI-based insights and predictions suggest cross-selling and upselling and propose analytics of trending now discounts for your category of products.


This proposal from Salesforce will help your business to increase and save your time in creating individual quotes for customers' needs. If you want to improve your sales process and boost the speediness of creating quotes for your customers with this Salesforce tool please contact us and we will prepare a presentation on how it can help your business and estimation of this project. Create your quotes easily and fast with Salesforce and JET BI!


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