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4 questions everyone asks before implementing Salesforce CRM

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05 February 2018

CRM implementation means not only enhancement of sales process and growth of customer satisfaction, but it is also a large investment of time and money in a comprehensive implementation and roll-out process.

We've compiled a series of questions that we think each business asks before implementing Salesforce and assigned these questions to experienced Salesforce developers and users.

Let’s take a closer look at them:


Andrey Bosak

JET BI Co-founder, Head of Salesforce Department with 15+ years of experience in enterprise automation.

Pritam Shekhawat

Pritam Shekhawat

Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Noida User Group Co-Leader.

Do you consider Salesforce one of the best CRM for startups and small business?

Andrey: Yes. Salesforce provides users with the enterprise-level functionality and unprecedented flexibility as well as with the integration capabilities. Minimal implementation time gives SME the highest efficiency. Security and reliability increase trust from customers and investors.

Pritam: As we look down Salesforce is ranking the #1 platform in Forbes and every year we see innovation whether its IoT, Einstein AI, Lightning, Trailhead. Customization and personalization are some of the new up-gradations in Salesforce. When Salesforce has so much to offer so why would startups and small businesses not invest in? Apart from this Salesforce is one of the most compatible and its ever-increasing scope makes it one of the incredible platform to work with. Salesforce is indeed one of the best CRM so let's adopt it and be innovative.

What is the most important Salesforce advantage in comparison to other CRMs?

Andrey: Customizing, custom development, and integration capabilities.

Pritam: To be very frank Salesforce has no comparison. According to me, every technology has its own merits and demerits. I truly believe that Salesforce is one of the newfangled podiums which has an unprecedented growth in times to come. Salesforce has an endless number of customer success stories which makes it a boon in today's world.


How Salesforce accelerate the growth of small businesses?

Andrey: Salesforce helps cover growing business needs starting from building efficient sales pipeline to automating support and service, customer community and marketing automation as business growth.

Pritam: Salesforce is one of the ecosystems which need no introduction. Salesforce is the technology which is on boom nowadays. The current trends highlight how it has molded and made the right use of cloud computing. The enterprises can create apps, innovate them not only in one domain but in numerous sectors. Salesforce has no limitations, it has extended to Healthcare, Retail, Finance to name a few. You name the domain and Salesforce has its reach everywhere. So, anyone can't be in dismay whether to switch towards Salesforce or not.

What is your advice to those who are still considering Salesforce implementation?

Andrey: Sign up for a free trial, get some online training on, schedule a call with a professional consultant about any concerns that you have, ask about the project implementation approach, project plan, and roadmap.

Pritam: Implementing any technology is a great challenge in itself.  Learning is fun and passion for technology can make it easy for a person to implement it. Passion for Salesforce can make it easy to implement it. My advice for anyone would be to first understand the technology on which you are going to work, give a deep glance at the products and services you are bringing to the market then adopt similar means, right technique, appropriate approach and then implement the technology.

Hope this would assist and help everyone. Let's learn, innovate and adopt Salesforce as an ultimate technology. Cheers to the spirit of Marc Benioff in making Salesforce #1 and make customer success our prime concern.

We hope this article will help you make the right decision and you will go for Salesforce.

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