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2021 VR\AR market future: the big players' vision

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Published by jetbi
27 May 2021

The analysts predict the exponential growth of the immersive market. We've collected the key players and significant manufacturers/developers' data to understand the situation better. Dive right in to be equipped with a concise set of facts for you to decide if it is worth investing in AR/VR now.

Big Tech's analysis helps to understand the current state of the immersive market and its further development. The primary focus is to analyze the Big Five - Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon. Still, it won't suffice without insights about major headsets manufactures, leading immersive software platforms developers, haptic-suited manufacturers. Tech Giants leverage the experience immersive technologies provide and build business value with AR/VR/XR. According to , the global AR, VR and MR market is expected to continue growing and hit $124.4 billion worth by 2023, a 305% increase in two years. Even though the market trend is optimistic, there are still challenges. The market will grow exponentially when issues with 5G enrollment and headsets experiences on the go are solved. Now high-end virtual reality headsets tend to be non-tethered. Widespread 5G will allow people to enjoy better immersive experiences in cheaper headsets and devices. Dive in to learn more about how key players in the immersive technology market face challenges and plan to grow in the recent future





Anna Metsik
Virtual Reality Consultant
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