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ASAP Methodology

Accelerated SAP (ASAP) is methodology SAP for implementation developed by the German software company SAP AG for the purpose to improve quality, reduce time and other resources optimization. Based on the successful experience, ASAP provides templates, processes, procedures, accelerators, checklists, links to standard SAP documentation.

The basis of ASAP is special Roadmap that includes five phases:

  1. Project Preparation
  2. Business Blueprint
  3. Realization
  4. Final Preparation
  5. Go-Live and support

Project Preparation provides initial planning and preparation resources for the implementation:

  • Identifying clear project objectives and goals
  • Developing of the implementation strategy and resource allocation
  • Building a qualified project team
  • Every above step is documented and signed off with the client

Business Blueprint. Description and documentation of future business processes and requirements, also to refine the original project goals and objectives.

Some important milestones:

  • Creating documents, which consist of questionnaire of entire business process
  • Detailing and approval of the final scope of work
  • Forming training strategy

Realization assumes the implementation of all business processes, provided in the Business Blueprint.

Key phases :

  • Creating solutions
  • Development of final decision for live system
  • Testing in SAP Test Management
  • Preparing for the migration of data

All test results are recorded in the documents.
Final Preparation. At this phase, the system is been preparing for a productive system.

Objectives of this phase include:

  • Develop guides and training materials for users
  • The migration of data from your old system or systems to SAP
  • tTesting to ensure the optimal performance of your SAP system

After successful completion of this phase, you can begin working in the live system SAP.

Go-Live and support. This is the key and final phase of development and SAP implementation, which include production support and monitoring system transactions.

Do you want to implement your SAP project according to ASAP methodology? We know how.

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